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The story behind DANDY Business Park

The Bagger-Sørensen family founded the DANDY chewing gum corporation in Vejle over 100 years ago.

The company and its employees developed its core business by focusing on innovation, vision and the will and courage to achieve great things.

Today, the DANDY chewing gum brand is history, but the family has kept the company DNA alive at DANDY Business Park, which is located in the heart of Denmark, in Vejle Nord. Here, the setup invites you to explore new opportunities and big ideas.

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“The best way to develop growth-oriented business is within a good physical framework, where the desired resources and skills are available”

Jørgen Andersen

The best conditions for growth and innovation

The underlying vision behind DANDY Business Park is to nurture collaboration between private companies, research & educational institutions and authorities: the so-called Triple Helix model.

We have optimised this partnership to create the best possible conditions for company growth and innovation through synergy and knowledge sharing.

DANDY Business Park provides the perfect framework for innovation environments, growth programmes, development and demonstration facilities as well as participation in various projects and networks.

The environment, both indoors and outdoors, invites you to seek new paths and think big. With solid team backing, a company will enjoy every opportunity to focus on their core business and become part of the success story of DANDY Business Park:

A dynamic innovation ecosystem that generates growth founded on awareness

We look forward to welcoming you.

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8 buildings, 200 companies and 1,000 employees

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