Sustainability Policy

DANDY Business Park takes responsibility for a sustainable future

We work with the UN World Goals. Our view of construction is all-embracing and we seek to become Denmark’s most sustainable business park. We are also dedicated to becoming CO2-neutral by 2030.

Building on our sustainability policy, we work with several areas:

Sustainable environment

Our focuses:

  • Own production of green electricity, cooling and heating
  • Systems that can store and manage energy intelligently
  • Optimised water consumption and wastewater management
  • Planting forest
  • Storing and producing green energy
  • Dedicated to green transport

Sustainable technology and processes

Our goals are:

  • Design the business park sustainably
  • Minimise food waste and optimise food production
  • Offer resident companies sustainable transport options with carpooling and easy access to public transport at e.g. BILKA
  • Embrace facility management tools and policies at the park that promote sustainability

Economically and socially sustainable

At DANDY Business Park, we believe in the power of diversity. Companies grow and become stronger jointly through collaboration. This means:

  • We are home to a wide segment of corporate residents both in terms of industry and size of organisation
  • We host people of different nationalities and with different professional backgrounds

Goals and communication

At DANDY Business Park, we know that we achieve more by working together. This is also true in terms of sustainability. The resident companies of the business park and the surrounding community must be made aware of the course we have set.

That is why it is important to:

  • Set clear goals for the year 2030
  • Disseminate the results of our sustainability journey to local residents and the world at large through our website, newsletters, our app, PR, etc.
  • Organise motivational campaigns where DANDY Business Park offsets the CO2 footprint of our tenants by engaging with other initiatives in Vejle Nord


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