Values / Actions

DANDY Business Park – a dynamic innovation environment for sustainable business

We are stronger together

We believe in the power of diversity. Companies grow through joint development. This is important when promoting innovation and growth.

We invest in innovative communities

Triple Helix is our bedrock. Our ecosystems are: Food, Green-Tech and AI/Digitalisation. Innovation is achieved within the communities through joining forces dynamically.

We subscribe to a balanced work life

We offer all-inclusive services, making workaday life easier. Catering, massage and exercise – you’ll find it all in our community app. You’ll also be surrounded by plenty of colleagues.

We are open and welcoming

We are an open circuit. We are open and accommodating and have established Denmark’s best startup environment. We host the nation’s only innovation festival.

We believe in growth through sustainable business

We embrace sustainability. We are a base for businesses of the future. Our focus is on investment and funding. We are a dynamic part of our surrounding community.

We embrace responsibility with a wider view

We embrace responsibility for a sustainable future. We have adopted the UN World Goals and DGNB certification. We have ambitious goals for 2030.

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