All inclusive

We celebrate a balanced work life

The wellbeing of employees is a decisive factor contributing to company growth. We offer all-inclusive services, making workaday life easier. Catering, massage and exercise – you’ll find it all in our community app. You’ll also be surrounded by plenty of colleagues.

“We are based in the Food Innovation House where we experience innovation that works. We are vegetable nerds 365 days a year. This is why we find it important to serve a varied and healthy lunch menu, while also offering our employees half an hour of exercise during working hours. We benefit greatly from the gym and the footpath system in the park. This makes a difference when attracting new colleagues”

Jørgen Nielsen, Northern

All inclusive:

  • Our receptionists ensure that all guests visiting DANDY Business Park receive a pleasant and professional welcome. There is also free parking and electric charging stations.
  • Bright and inviting canteens that offer an exciting lunch experience every day prepared by the park’s own in-house chefs.Naturally, they also serve delicious meeting catering.
  • You will enjoy the opportunity to order a takeout menu on Fridays and to purchase leftovers from the day’s catering – to make everyday life easier for you, but also to combat food waste.
  • Professional network meetings, workshops and staff events are hosted where you can gain inspiration and meet and collaborate across the business park.
  • Time can be booked in the park for massage as well as zone and craniosacral therapy.
  • The fisherman makes his rounds with fresh supplies of fish and game.
  • Laundry service with drop-off and pick-up at selected receptions.
  • Your car can be washed and polished while you are at work.
  • You can keep fit in the gym in the company of colleagues.
  • All buildings offer modern, open-plan offices with good lighting, automatic sun shields and views of green areas that invite focus and immersion.
  • The park is beautifully situated and offers canals, paths and benches that invite you for walk-and-talks or meetings and breaks in the open.

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