Inspirational and scenic park landscaping with water, woodland and pastures

DANDY Business Park is designed with an appreciation of nature and reflects the business areas of its resident companies.

The park also features a number of demonstration platforms that address current global issues: water, wind, land, recycling, energy and technology.

Water, woodlands and pastures can be experienced along the landscaped footpaths that connect the various areas of the park and provide opportunities for walk-and-talks and recreational jogging as well as contemplation and moments of revelation along the way.

“We are based in the Food Innovation House where we experience innovation that works. We are vegetable nerds 365 days a year. This is why we find it important to serve a varied and healthy lunch menu, while also offering our employees half an hour of exercise during working hours. We benefit greatly from the gym and the footpath system in the park. This makes a difference when attracting new colleagues”

Jørgen Nielsen, Northern


Unlimited options for your new HQ
– purchasing land to build or leasing purpose-constructed buildings

Orange squares on the map mark the available construction plots, and the number indicates the space the building will offer in 1,000 square metres.

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